Career Paths in International Business & Logistics

There is an abundance of exciting opportunities for students that concentrate in International Business & Logistics. From Trade to Supply Chain, it doesn't stop there! The IBUS studies are relevant to interdisciplinary studies. Where ever you go and where ever you work, organizations will strive to go global or will have an international mindset when conducting business. Below are some examples of prospective career paths for IBUS students when pursuing their professional career, but it does not just limit there!

International Business & Logistics

Bilingual Educator

Business Analyst

Business Development Director

Customs Broker / Inspector

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Community

International Entrepreneur

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing Specialist

Export Sales Representative

Foreign Affairs Specialist

Foreign Business Culture Specialist

Foreign Exchange Trader

Foreign Sales Representative

Foreign Service Officer

Foreign Trade Consultant/Specialist

Import/Export Agent

International Foreign Policy Advisor

International Logistics Manager

International Management Consultant

Inventory Control Manager

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Engineer / Manager

Materials Manager

Multinational Manager

Procurement Director

Production Manager

Purchasing Manager

Quality Management & Control Specialist

Social Entrepreneur

Stock Broker

Supply Chain Coordinator / Manager

Systems Support Manager


Transportation Manager

Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator

Warehouse Operations Manager


Global Marketing Manager

International Accounts Coordinator

International Advertiser

International Market Research Analyst

International Marketing Consultant

Public Relations Specialist


Human Resources

Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager

Global Employee Relations Manager

Human Resources/Human Capital Management

International Human Resources Advisor/Consultant

International Human Talent Coordinator

International Recruiter



Environmental Accountants

International Accountant

International Auditor

International Managerial Accountant

International Tax Accountant

Spectator Sports Accountant



Financial Planning

International Financial Analyst

International Financial Controller

International Financial Planner

International Investment Coordinator

Investment Banker

Venture Capitalist/Private Equity