2016-17 IBA Team




Born and raised in Honduras, Nicole is able to speak 3 languages: Spanish, English and German. Starting out in the Engineering program, Nicole has now taken a change in her field of studies and is currently finishing her third year at Capilano University in International Business. As a leader, a strong team player, and mentor for international students at Capilano University, Nicole took on the role of president after her first year with the association. 


Co-President/ Creative


Growing up in cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore, India; Jogjakarta & Semarang, Indonesia, and Vancouver, Anahita embodies the international culture, and naturally, pursued International Business as her major. With an insight into arts and design, Anahita also took on the creative aspect of the IBA for projects like event posters, the new banner and website in the wake of the International Business Administration's rebrand.


Vice President/ Creative


Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Andrew relocated to North Vancouver for school a few years ago. He started out in the Motion Picture Arts program but has since transitioned into business. Andrew is in his second year of the Business Administration program at Capilano University. He is on his way to attain his Bachelors Degree of Business Administration in International Business.


Director of Finance


Ana is pursuing a BBA with a focus in accounting. Through the association she aspires to help promote field trips, workshops, and networking opportunities that will make resources more accessible for students. During her free time, Ana enjoys the outdoors, keeping herself updated with the latest news in business and studying languages. 


Director of External


Born and raised in Vancouver, Kashif is working towards attaining his Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and Logistics. Working with the public, problem solving, and providing quality service has always been extremely important to Kashif. He values teamwork, a commitment to people, and giving back to the community.

Co- Director of Marketing


Jamie is currently enrolled at Capilano University inthe BBA program while working as a freelance interpreter with a non-profit Toronto based agency. Born and raised in Thailand in a Bilingual household, Jamie is well equipped with cultural and language skills. Her dream is to travel the world and to speak Cantonese fluently. 


Co- Director of Marketing


Ken is a fourth year student at Capilano University specializing in marketing. For the past three years, he has been working for an immigration consulting firm. Ken loves to travel and learn about new cultures.


NABU Representative


Born and raised in China, Lu is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma program at Capilano University in the North American Business Management Program. Lu has completed his bachelor's and master's degree in the UK and has travelled to over 30 countries worldwide. He has 3 years' work experience related to international marketing. Now he is looking for new opportunities in Vancouver.